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Verizon FiOs Offers Internet Speed Which Is Right For You

 Verizon Fios high internet speed

The best thing Verizon FiOs can offer that no other internet provider can is flexible internet speed connection. With Verizon FiOs, there can always be an internet speed that would fit your lifestyle. In this short article, we will examine the different download/upload speed that Verizon FiOs offers and see what fits your personality best.

Flexible Internet Speeds For All

Whatever your lifestyle demands, there is a VERIZON FIOS package that would fit for you. Why stick with a 7.5 Mbps internet speed when you can have it higher with FiOs. Verizon FiOs sees that the 7.5 Mbps internet speed is reliable only for online shopping and reading emails. Apart from that, you can really do nothing more. This is the reason why it offered different packages.

  • 15/5 Mbps. This is the speed for those just doing normal internet surfing daily. The speed is still high enough if you are just using the internet for research, reading emails, checking in social networking sites and the like.
  • 50/25 Mbps. This is the right speed for your entire family. With this internet speed, you can watch HD movies without experiencing any lags. Plus, your whole family can surf the internet without lowering the speed of your internet connection.
  • 75/35 Mbps. This is the type of speed for households having so many device users. Without affecting speed, everyone can enjoy downloading music, streaming movies, and playing online games 24/7.
  • 150/65 Mbps. For those who see themselves constantly multi-tasking, 150/65 mbps might be the right speed for you. With this internet speed, you can download a 5 Mb HD movie within just 4.4 minutes. That is about 12 movies in an hour. Just imagine how many movies you can download in a day!
  • 300/65 Mbps. For the speed hungry, this is your perfect fit. This allows you to do the following: Multi-player games, file backup, cloud media, mobile phone uploads, video chats, and multiple video downloads.
  • 500/100 Mbps. Of course, there would always be something for those starving for super high internet connection. This internet speed can reach all possibilities. In fact, you will be having trouble finding what else you cannot do with Verizon FiOs’ 500/100 mbps download/upload speed.

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