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Tops 5 Reasons Why Cable Users Switch To Verizon FiOs

Verizon Fios TVMore and more are terminating their respective contracts with their cable service providers. Why? They are switching to the most reliable service provider – Verizon FiOs. There are so many reasons for the switch. But here we’ll talk about the top 5 reasons why cable users switch to Verizon FiOs.

1.       High Quality. This is the main reason of the increasing subscribers of Verizon FiOs. The company is powered by a highly technological fiber optic network that delivers very crisp digital TV experience. The experience is more like a having a cinema within your own home.

2.       Reliable Service. Of course, all of us want to receive a good service in exchange for the money we are paying for. This is not always the case with other internet or cable service providers. Often, there are outages that would last for days to weeks and that kind of service is not what we deserve. Let me tell you what you deserve. You are worthy of a 99% service reliability free from outages for an ultimate entertainment experience.

3.       Options. Verizon FiOs TV offers you thousands of choices when it comes to TV programs. Boredom will be out of your dictionary the moment you start your subscription with Verizon.  Aside from the standard channels offered, finding the type of show you want and the genre of film you prefer is always possible with Verizon FiOs.

4.       Affordability. Although we want quality services, it is undeniable how all of us are trying to save money these days. Simply stated, we want a good service without paying too much. And you can only have all that with Verizon FiOs. It comes in bundle packages that would fit any budget.

5.       Add-ons. There is nothing better than an icing on a cake. If Verizon FiOs is your cake, your icing will be the extras offered by the company like phone services.

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