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Features of Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling

Verizon FiOs Digital Voice

With so many important things you need to handle, prioritizing your homes calls is the least among them. That is why you need VERIZON FIOS Digital Voice Calling. It keeps all communication matters managed so that you can focus on more imperative tasks right in front of you. Know more about this technology by reading its features below.

Great Privacy Features of Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling

Verizon FiOs Digitial Voice Calling is best for those of you who are skeptical about keeping all things private. This technology has brought in some features of a smartphone to a home phone. The following are the privacy features of Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling which I am sure you will love:

  • See who’s calling. With Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling, you will see the name and number of incoming calls. If there is a person you wish to avoid, you can do that with your home phone because of this Caller ID feature which lets you easily recognize who is calling you.
  • Block anonymous callers. Just like your smartphone, Verizon FiOs Digital Voice lets your home phone block anonymous callers. Anonymous callers are the callers which have blocked their caller ID information so you will not know details about them.
  • Stop unwanted callers. Verizon FiOs Digital Voice enables you to block up to 10 unwanted callers from calling you through your home phone.
  • Guard your phone number. Last but not the least when it comes to the privacy features is the ability to keep secret your phone number. The Digital Voice can block your caller ID information when you make outgoing calls.

If you want smartphone features to your home phone, then you surely will need to subscribe to Verizon FiOs Digital Voice. The privacy features above are hard to miss. Most of us today will need all of these capabilities built to our home phones.

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