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Enjoy Verizon FiOS TV on Various Devices Simultaneously Without Using a Separate Set-Top Box

Verizon FiOs subscribers don’t need a separate set-top box for each television and Blu-ray players they have at home. This is because Verizon FiOs TV has made it possible for you to enjoy watching TV and movies from all your Samsung smart TVs and Blu-ray players all at once: your parents can enjoy their news in the family room while you watch your favorite TV show in your own room! And as mentioned, you won’t need a separate set-top box to be able to do that.

How Many Live Channels and Movies Can You Watch With Verizon FiOs TV?

Verizon FiOs TVRight now, you can watch up to 26 live Verizon FiOS TV Channels. Among these are CNN, TBS, TNT, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Turner Classic Movies, HBO and Cinemax. This number will continue to increase in the next months to come as Verizon adds more channels for subscribers to enjoy.

Verizon FiOs TV also offers 20,000 movies and TV shows which you can rent or purchase through Flex View. This number is rumored to increase as Verizon FiOs adds more of the latest movies every now and then. This option allows you to see any movie or show you have in mind for a small rental or purchase fee. You don’t have to check out a rental store just to enjoy such movies because you can easily enjoy it with just a click of a button through Flex View.

Watch TV Shows Or Movies Straight From Your Tablet Or Smartphone 

Verizon FiOs TV now allows you to watch movies and shows anytime and anywhere. Verizon FiOs has already created apps so that you can stream straight from your tablet and smartphone. This app also allows you to enjoy the thousands of movies you can watch from your TV at home!

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