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A Review On Verizon FiOs

Verizon FiOs ReviewWhen it comes to technology, the determining factor when it comes to which is better is how new the technology is. This assumption is pretty much understandable given that technology evolves almost daily and even every minute. The constant evolution of technology is due the need for improvement from anything built previously. That being the case, everyone can expect that a new technological release can be so much better than its predecessor. When it comes to entertainment services, this is the main reason why many of the critics and users of Verizon FiOs believe that it is the best entertainment bundle available since it is the latest to be released. Read on the pros and cons of the Verizon FiOs to know whether it is just a false claim or attestation or if it is indeed true.

Pros and Cons of the Verizon Fios


  • Superb Internet Speeds. Verizon FiOs gives its user the best internet experience. The speed of the connection is just excellent. You can expect a very fast and smooth streaming, uploading and downloading with Verizon FiOs.
  • Amazing TV channel organization. VERIZON FIOS TV groups similar genre of channels together. For instance, if you are searching shows for your kids, you can find all of them in one section while the other adult channels are blocked. No other Cable TV service provider comes with this feature.
  • Enjoy Exclusive Channels. Verizon FiOs offers channels which no other cable provider offers. These are: BBC News, AZN Television and CNN International.
  • Enjoy Everything in HD. Verizon FiOs offers more HD channels than its competitors. Also, you can have more channels through pay per view!


  • It can be expensive. Verizon FiOs can be very expensive than other services but that is forgivable given the excellent features it offers to its subscribers.
  • You will be locked up in a contract. But all services today locks up its subscribers in a one-year contract. This is to secure that the company will not be on the losing side in the end. 

Indeed the disadvantages of Verizon FiOs are much lesser and easily forgivable than its promising features. This proves all the positive claims and attestations of the service true!

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