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FiOS The fastest Wi-Fi available from any provider


Our newest and most powerful FiOS router can handle download speeds up to 800 Mbps and has a range up to 325 feet in and around your home. Speed and range tested in lab conditions using latest generation wireless devices. In home speed and range may vary depending on a number of factors like age/type of wireless devices used, internet ... Read More »

Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling Offers Utmost Convenience

Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Features

With the stress this advanced world is giving us today, whether from work or from school, no one can refuse to anything offered that is convenient. And when it comes to convenience especially with home phones, you can never miss out on VERIZON FIOS Digital Voice. This new technology is packed with convenient features that brings home calling to the ... Read More »

Features of Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Calling

Verizon FiOs Digital Voice

With so many important things you need to handle, prioritizing your homes calls is the least among them. That is why you need VERIZON FIOS Digital Voice Calling. It keeps all communication matters managed so that you can focus on more imperative tasks right in front of you. Know more about this technology by reading its features below. Great Privacy ... Read More »

Verizon FiOs TV Offers Video-On-Demand

Verizon FiOs Video On Demand

Good news to all VERIZON FIOS TV users, you can already enjoy the newest feature called the Video-On-Demand. This enables the subscriber to watch available cinema movies and recap TV shows for free. The user will just have to grab their remote control and pop into the Verizon FiOs TV-On-Demand menu. What Can You Expect From Verizon FiOs Video-On-Demand? With ... Read More »

Verizon FiOs Offers Sports Pass

Verizon FiOs Sports pass

For all sports enthusiasts, VERIZON FIOS TV has good news for you. Verizon FiOs TV is introducing this new option called the Sports Pass package. This is perfect for all Verizon FiOs users who want a wide variety for Sports channels but cannot afford to subscribe to the Ultimate HD package. As of today, the package includes 10 channels but ... Read More »

A Review On Verizon FiOs

Verizon FiOs Review

When it comes to technology, the determining factor when it comes to which is better is how new the technology is. This assumption is pretty much understandable given that technology evolves almost daily and even every minute. The constant evolution of technology is due the need for improvement from anything built previously. That being the case, everyone can expect that ... Read More »

Verizon FiOs Is Also Good For Business

Verizon Fios helps in your business

Verizon FiOs, just like the T-mobile phones, is not just best with entertainment. It can also help you realize more profit in your small business. You did not expect to read that, right? There are so many benefits that Verizon FiOs can offer to your small business. Among them are affordability and reliability. Others are worthy of a detailed explanation. ... Read More »

Tops 5 Reasons Why Cable Users Switch To Verizon FiOs

Verizon Fios TV

More and more are terminating their respective contracts with their cable service providers. Why? They are switching to the most reliable service provider – Verizon FiOs. There are so many reasons for the switch. But here we’ll talk about the top 5 reasons why cable users switch to Verizon FiOs. 1.       High Quality. This is the main reason of the ... Read More »

Verizon FiOs Offers Internet Speed Which Is Right For You

Verizon Fios high internet speed

The best thing Verizon FiOs can offer that no other internet provider can is flexible internet speed connection. With Verizon FiOs, there can always be an internet speed that would fit your lifestyle. In this short article, we will examine the different download/upload speed that Verizon FiOs offers and see what fits your personality best. Flexible Internet Speeds For All ... Read More »

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